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Dumpster Rental Agreement

LOADING LEVELS & WEIGHT INSTRUCTIONS.  The customer is responsible for the filling of the dumpster and its contents.  The dumpsters must be loaded evenly and level – nothing should extend higher than the side or top trails.  Concrete, dirt, rocks, brick, asphalt, stucco, and other heavy inert materials may not be loaded any higher than 2 feet above the bind floor in any size dumpster.   Overweight loads are dangerous 
and subject to be dumped and reloaded at the customer’s expense. There is a service fee of $150 per hr if we have to remove debris for safe hauling.
HAZARDOUS MATERIALS.  No liquids, batteries, paint, toxic materials, oils, hazardous waste materials, explosives, pressurized containers of any kind, or any items listed by City, State or Federal agencies with jurisdiction over the respective area.   
DUMPSTER PLACEMENT.  A flat and level surface for dumpster placement is required.  Please provide a minimum of (1) full day notification in advance when scheduling service.  The customer is responsible for any local, city or municipality permit which may be required.   
WASTE MATERIALS.  Customer warrants that the waste or materials delivered to Contractor hereunder will not contain any hazardous, toxic, radioactive, or any other substance prohibited by applicable federal, state, or local, laws or regulations.  Customer agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Contractor against all claims, costs, attorneys fees, damages, suits, penalties, fines and liabilities for injury or death to persons or loss or damage to property or the environment arising out of breach of the warranty stated above.  The warranties and indemnities contained herein shall survive the termination of this agreement. 
CUSTOMERS RESPONSIBILITY FOR EQUIPMENT.  The equipment shall be in the possession and control of the Customer.  Customer agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Contractor against all claims, lawsuits, and any other liability for injury to persons or damage to property arising out of the possession or use of the equipment by the Customer.  Customer shall be responsible for the cleanliness and safekeeping of the equipment and is responsible for any, and all damage from the time the equipment is delivered until it is returned. This includes but is not limited to fire, theft, vandalism, negligence, graffiti, natural disaster, or other activity which causes damages.  Customer shall pay any taxes 
(municipal, state and federal) including personal property taxes, which may be imposed by the possession or use of the equipment.  Customer shall not overload the equipment, nor use it for incineration purposes, and shall be liable to Contractor for loss or damage in excess of reasonable wear and tear.  Customer shall not overload or cause to be overweight, any Roll-off container provided by the Contractor.  In the event an overweight fine is sustained by the Contractor transporting a Roll-off container loaded by the Customer or its designates, Customer shall incur the cost of any fine and expense. 
CHARGES AND PAYMENT.  Customer shall pay the Contractor on a per dump basis for the services provided by Contractor in accordance with the Schedule of Charges shown on the face of this agreement.  Payment shall be made by customer before or at delivery. In the event that any payment fails when due, Contractor, at its sole option, may, at any time, terminate this agreement without notice to Customer and recover any equipment on the premises of Customer.  
DRIVEWAYS AND PARKING AREAS.  Customer warrants that any right of way provided by Customer is sufficient to bear the weight of Contractors equipment and vehicles.  Contractor shall not be responsible for damage to pavement, surface or sub surface of any route reasonably necessary to perform the services herein contractor.  
PERMIT (if required).  If dumpster is placed in a public right-of-way (i.e. street, sidewalk, etc.), Customer shall secure and pay for a permit with the local municipality and display on dumpster as required. 
TIRE DISPOSAL. Tires can be loaded into dumpsters at the following Cost, Heavy Equipment Tires $55 per tire, Car/Truck Tire with rim $20.00 per tire, Car/Truck tire no rim $5.50 per tire.
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